so last month i entered in a contest on elisharon. i always entered in contests wishfully thinking i'd actually win. of course i never had any luck so i kind of entered thinking what the heck. but guess what? i won! she teamed up with wildfell hall vintage to give away not just one cool vintage find but three! check them out if you don't follow them already! sharon is absolutely adorable and super chic!! i'm gonna steal her shoe collection one day...but of course i have to make it all the way there to hawaii first! yes, she's stylish, she has a bad-@ss jc collection and she lives in hawaii...lucky!! and wildfell has some super cute finds! check out their etsy and their blog, vintage seen they have some really cool photos of random people on the streets wearing vintage.
so i wanted to thank sharon and wildfell hall vintage for these cool vintage pieces. a big thank you!!! pieces are adorable!! this is how i styled them...

i wore the pretty floral scarf as a belt and pinned the crystal flower brooch on it and held the metal mesh purse as a clutch. it'll be pretty useful especially in the spring!

and i deserved a little something more after a hectic week so i went to f21 yesterday and got these tops. both my sister and i got the black and brown blouse and we're deciding which of us will wear it to my sons birthday celebration tomorrow. haha but yaay for prizes!! :)


  1. You look great! I love the top.


  2. wow completely honored to be here on this pretty blog, thank you so much and the pieces look FABULOUS on you! Amy.

  3. Megan... I love how you styled your winnings. It's perfect.. and you look gorgeous as always.. oooo and thanks for the shoutout and kind words about me. So sweet. :D Happy Belated birthday to your boy.

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. i love how you're wearing the scarf! <3