i think i’m going to wear these shorts and tights everyday this fall. if not then every other day. this kimono/bed jacket is one of my favorite items in my closet. i love that it’s a year round piece perfect with my new obsession, fitted ballet tops that have to be tucked in. kind of like a bodysuit. these jc attics were stored waaay at the bottom of my tower of shoe boxes. almost forgot about them. they look so cute with blazers and hats. speaking of which, i went thrifting today and found a green tweed blazer and a hat similar to this but with a smaller brim. and don't worry, the hat and blazer were brand new...they had the brand tags on and everything!


  1. great hat! love the colour of your hair :)

  2. I love your bed jacket, I'm looking at buying one from ASOS and wearing it with high waisted shorts. Looks awesome! :)