i received it today! you know, my blouse i got from fancyfrenchcologne...i mentioned it on my last post. it got here in a day :) they were offering the peach and black one but i think i mentioned a couple times how much i wanted this color instead ;) and they were super sweet enough to offer this to me instead! how awesome right...it was a nice start to my week and i've been all smiles so far :) although there would be nothing like a shopping trip to the city this weekend but i doubt it's going to happen. i miss the little boutiques in the city where you can get really affordable and one of a kind pieces. ever since i left the city i was always on a mission to find those same brands online or somewhere closer. fancyfrenchcologne is actually one of those boutiques but it's online. i started a wishlist already...


  1. looove it. it's sooo you! <3

  2. Very cute top, Many Belles Down has cute stuff, very vintage.. I got a very cute skirt from Sway this summer when they first came out...Did u know that the people who first started Sway are the ones who design Many Bells Down?

  3. erica, that's cool! i really need to go to sway!