f21 kimono sweater, f21 t-shirt, lulus crochet skirt, crown vintage clogs, vintage sweater

my photographer was in a hurry today so we snapped whatever we could.  right now i'm so into my 'national lace cream skirt' i got from lulu's a couple of weeks ago, my black thrifted cardigan and this green nail polish i blended myself.  it turned out the perfect seafoam green, very similar to chanel's.  i love it so much with this skirt.  


  1. i loove this look! two of my fave things, mint color and crochet!! i always love your lace shorts or crochet anything. and omg i cant believe that kimono sweater was from F21!! i'm trying to find a good kimono piece, still searching, but hope to find one like yours. i really want to find one with of course FRINGE. :) i feel like we both love the same thing for spring -- anything SEVENTIES :).
    haha i dont know why but your outfit blog posts aalways makes me want to shop online! :p. keep inspiring girl! and hope your weeks going well so far! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  2. Love the lace skirt! And that bag is so pretty too! M.

  3. oh my god, blending nailpolish... such a genius idea! was it hard/messy?? it turned out great! and i LOVE that crochet skirt, so adorable.

  4. i am absolutely in LOVE with that crochet skirt & how you played it down with the baggy sweater. you are gorgeous as usual. xo

  5. Wow. This is stunning. Great blog.

    Stop by my blog sometime and become a follower if you like, and I'll follow you :)



  6. This crochet is absolutely stunning you have amazing style and the nail polish color is great!!!