a really good thing about fashion blogging is that you can go back and see how your style has evolved or changed.  i was going through all my posts starting from the very first one and i recommend all you bloggers to do the same.  it's really nice to watch your changing process.  i was actually inspired by some of the things i wore last spring/summer which of course lead to some online shopping...hay yahy!  (never really know how to spell that :| )

these almost 'flatforms' are similar to my jc franklins i wore last year.  i love leg elongating shoes so i'm not quite sold on the 'flatform' thing.  that's why my franklins barely ever left its box last year.  these jc's have a slight arch elevation and i'm really loving the suede wedge.  i can picture these worn with everything.

i'm really into long floral flowy pants right now, nothing from my previous posts inspired me on this one but i was just about to purchase a pair from asos but their site was not cooperating with me so i decided to google the brand of the pants, warehouse and i found their website.  i found this pantsuit for $24 and found two coupons for 20% off that i was both able to use!  so basically free shipping from the uk.  not sure if i'd keep the top part on or bring it to the tailors to just have them as pants. 
sorry for the horrible quality of the photos, these are from my iPhone.

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  1. mmmm, i love both of these! that pantsuit is out of this world.