easily spotted.

f21 blouse, j brand dolls, zara bag & sandals 

first off, happy birthday to my baby brother, joseph!  can't believe he's 17 already!!  these were taken at a park on the way to celebrate his birthday.  we had a nice time with the family.  it was a lot of fun with really good food and i can not forget about the sippy cup mystery.  
anyway, i am loving my new blouse.  love the polka-dots, the colors and that it's so easy to wear.  i thought it went so well with my j brand bells that i've been getting so many questions about since this look here was featured on denimology.  i thought these were the 'lovestory's' but they're actually the 'dolls' which has the same exact shape just a higher rise.
a little lesson or some words to go by:
if you're truly happy, you don't need to put others down and you shouldn't have anything to prove.  insecurities become very obvious.