pride and joy.

we spent mother's day at my moms. we got her an exercise bike that should help her with her injured knee. we had a lot of good food. i didn't get to take a pic with my mom and i wish i did but i just never have the time when i'm tending to my kids. mother's day should be a day off...especially for me since i'm with my kids twenty. four. seven. lol i'm a stay at home mom so i'm the one they come to when they need something. i'm always at their service. and then of course they go to their dad when it's time for fun. i barely ever get time to relax so that's why my friday or saturday trips to the city is necessary. i went on saturday and i got a few things...one, which was my mother's day gift from my husband. my lv speedy...i saved up a lot of money for it and then my husband helped fund the rest. so so excited about it! on friday the kids went to bed early giving my husband and i time to relax. we were talking about the children and at a pause i just thought about all of them and this huge smile grew on my face. i had time to appreciate them and each of their own amazing personalities. it's unbelieveable, the people they are. see, i was supposed to write about my mom but i ended up writing about my kids...it is really always about them! lol ...my pride and joy!

it was really cold and windy while taking these pics...reason for my messy hair!
f21 top, joe's jeans jeggings, jc shoes, lv bag
kids clothes zara, h&m & gap


  1. great blog, i love all your outfits! i understand what you mean about your kids, i have a son of my own and right now i am only going to school, not working, so i am with him the majority of the time. i love spending time with him but sometimes i just need my own time as well. but as soon as im away from him, i can't wait to see him! lol i guess that's what makes being a mom such a great experience!

  2. thank you! thank you for visiting :) yes, being a mom is such a really great experience!

  3. DANG girl. you look amazing for having three little ones!

  4. thank you! you look amazing PERIOD!