oh mr. madden, you impress me.

here is my outfit of the day...i didn't actually wear this today but i just got these shorts in the mail and was trying them on. on sale at f21 for $10!

i got an email yesterday for a steve madden coupon code, FF25. it is 25% off + free shipping on purchases of $59+. i browsed around not expecting to find anything but guess what? i did. a friend of mine asked me to find some cute purses for her. i found a really cute alexander wang - esque purse and she ended up buying it! this is what i've been drooling over and couldn't get them off my mind...so, i got them...total impulse buy.


  1. I like this look !!white and black so classic

    (u hv a nice legs .......)

  2. awh thanks! i never thought i did but i found a great angle to take my pics with to make my legs look better lol...

  3. J'adore! I want some too...


  4. This sandals (that you wearing in the picture) i like soo much, muy bonitas y elegantes soo smart.
    See you.