mother duties.

here is a picture of my mother back in '75 or '76. i kept this picture of her for myself and i have it framed in my house. i love this picture. notice her clogs! i love how she's posed too.

i didn't take any outfit pics of myself today. i didn't go anywhere or do anything. my husband took the girls out so i just stayed at home with the little boy, carlos and cleaned. cleaning is therapeutic also, i know i don't have to shop to feel better. although, i did have to play dress up a little to feel completely good. i admit i am a shopaholic. i can't go a week without buying something. it was worse before i had 3 kids of my own, i have to be a little more realistic now. and anyway, i think all women are like that. at least women into fashion. so this week i bought those shorts from my previous post, some rings and a top. nothing really major since i'm still recovering from the purchase of my louis.
so, while playing dress up tonight, i discovered a new look that i really love. i found what looks really cute with my cuffed jean shorts. i've worn something like it before but i never played around with the look more. i'll do an outfit post of that look for sure.

anyway, until then everyone enjoy your weekend.

x's, o's & <3!!!

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