so. i know this cynthia vincent for target line has been driving everyone crazy. i gave up on the buckled wedge but these printed wedges, i couldn't get off my mind after trying on almost 2 months ago when they first came out. i do not know why i didn't just get them. i was probably with my husband whom i was trying to convince i didn't have a shopping problem. he noticed my shoe boxes were piling high and his hangers were missing. and he says there is no way i really need everything i have. so anyway, i recently thought about these shoes again and swore that the ones i tried on were gone. i couldn't accept it though. i needed to see that they were gone. i needed closure.

so yesterday on my way home from a birthday party, i was passing by target and made a spontaneous right turn into the parking lot. i went in straight to the yellow boxes at the end the aisles. i gave up hope after seeing all of the flats. and then i notice a bigger box below but i couldn't really see what was inside. i pull it out and there it was, waiting for me for two months, the printed wedges...

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  1. Awersome glases. ¿You come a birthday party? Casualityu the thursday its my birthday.
    See you.