i run for you.

i was expecting a package today but all i heard was the ups truck driving off. i literally threw on my boots, grabbed my keys, and the notice on my door and ran off. the truck was not in sight so he had already rounded the corner. i ran praying i would not hear the truck driving off so i wouldn't have to seriously run and try to stop him. i was dying. but when i got there, he was making a delivery...phew! he got me my package, i went back in, opened it...and here it was, this hat! i also received a blouse i can't wait to share. i really love this hat...i'm gonna want to wear it with everything this fall along with these jeans and grey socks! i was going to buy one from urban for $34 but this was $15 so...yeah :) i'm in love...

i just won this clutch on eBay for $3! hope it's as lovely as i'm expecting...can't wait :D


  1. haha, the things us girls do to get our packages! its a great hat though! i love that jacket too!

  2. gotta love ebay for the good deals!