never gets old.

lux from urban outfitters blouse and jeans, jeffrey campbell splendids, vintage clutch

please excuse the sun spots. maybe it's apparent from my last post but i love a cream blouse with denim and brown leather accessories. if i had to wear one color for the rest of my life it would definitely be cream. it's perfect for spring/summer and when you want to just take a break from dark colors, it works in fall and winter too.

these jeans are old and i wish i had them in a lighter shade. i'm waiting for a pair of genetic denim light wash high waisted cigarette jeans in the mail. i got them from chickdowntown which was recently bought out. i placed my order right before everything so now i have to wait for the jeans to be shipped to their new location and then to me. i really have no idea when to expect them so i guess it will be a nice surprise.

i hope everyone's week started off well today!



  1. ohhh WOW my darling..you're always woonderfull *_* amazing outfit!!!

  2. I love this outfit. The shoes are adorable and you have beautiful hair! So glad I found your blog!

    Visit me here! :)

  3. You're so gorgeous and pull off high waisted jeans so beautifully-- not many people can say that! Is that blouse recent? I love it (though the billowly sleeves would probably look ridiculous on me :p!)!

  4. Love this outfit! You look great.


  5. I love the high waisted pants, og where are they from?
    I can't for my life find a place that sells high waisted jeans for my size, I am a 1 in the wait, but my legs are soooo long. 5'6 so they are all wayy tooo short...Any ideas?