if you really want to know.

someone sent me this interview. i really liked the questions so i thought i'd do it and share. i just finished watching twilight eclipse and when thinking of the post title, first thing that came to mind was 'interview with the vampire' ha! well anyway...here i go :)

1. What's the strangest thing in your closet?
hmmm, nothing really strange like 'what the heck is this doing in my closet' kind of strange but there is this one benetton cropped mock neck sweater my mom gave me. it's so 90's. i thought it was cute so i kept it but i don't have the guts to wear it just yet.

2. Whom do you most want to have lunch with?
lauryn hill. after having children she changed and became more spiritual, or at least she voiced it more. a lot of people didn't like her last album but i thought it was very empowering and motivating.

3. Do you remember the first TV show that impacted your style and identity?
Three's Company! i'm so proud to answer this because until this very day, i still get inspired by the show. i've watched that show ever since i could remember and even though it'll be the 100th time i've seen each episode, i always get new ideas. Thank God for DVR!! benny hill was another one. besides how perverted that show was, i always remembered what the girls were wearing, how their hair was styled and their style of makeup.

4. If you could meet your teenage self, what would you say to her?
always smile. even when you're not smiling in the inside, it will change that.

5. Where's the best place you've been this year?
monterey last weekend. we went there for my daughter's birthday because she loves the beach. we stayed at a hotel right on the beach so we had a view of the ocean right from our beds and we woke up to the crashing of the waves in the morning. it was so relaxing and i really felt carefree for once looking into nothing ahead of me except the blue ocean. the kids really enjoyed it so it was just a happy time.

6. What's your idea of happiness?
haha, see above. just to know my kids are well and happy. that God has my back and i have my husband by my side.

7. Are you involved in any charities?
i'd love to be if i had a little more free time and if my finances permitted me to. hopefully in the near future.

8. Do you have a guilty-pleasure song right now?
lol katy perry, teenage dream. i've been with my husband for ten years now and we've always been magnets to each other. that song was how i felt ten years ago and now still. i'm not a fan of katy perrry but i listen to the radio when i bring my daughter to school and pick her up and i swear they play it every other song.

9. How do you hope to evolve as a blogger?
i'm not really trying to do anything like that...i'm just having fun sharing my obsessions...

10. Whom would you most like to style?
that's hard...that would be like forcing your beliefs on someone else

11. How would you describe your style?
my natural instinct and what i always lean toward are styles from the 60's, 70's and early 80's. i've always loved boho, i just never knew the name for that back then when i was in high school. i'm into mod, i love edie sedgwick. i love her makeup and how she took simple pieces and made them so chic. i love debbie harry. i absolutely love her hair, her makeup and of course her style. one of the best compliments i was ever given was when someone told me i looked like her...i died lol. i couldn't agree but i was certainly flattered. obviously vintage or vintage inspired but i do have an aversion to the 20's, 30's 40's and 50's...i don't know why, i just never felt those eras. i tell my husband that in another lifetime i was a hippie but without the drugs!

12. What trend do you want most to go away?
i don't know...i just really feel, to each is own but if you're trying to be someone you're not and you're just going along with whatever trends are out at the moment then you're not being true to yourself. ...that trend! hehe

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