not much at all.

ehh...nothing really exciting about today but nothing bad either. it was a nice warm sunday with the family. first we went to church and my 4 year old, chloe dawn lead the prayer at sunday school. she was so proud and of course so was i. we had chinese food for dinner and went to visit my mother in law before she left on her 3 month vacation to the philippines.

as i was looking at a another blog, my 6 year old daughter calise olivia peeks over my shoulder and she says, "those girls look drunk. are they on drugs?" when you think about it, why do editorials always make the models look like that?? glamorizing that kind of stuff is horrible...especially for younger girls still trying to find their identities. it says, 'i'm lost, i don't care about myself and that makes me so cool, that's why i'm famous and desirable and in this magazine.' i'm glad my daughter notices those things and addresses them to me. i always have the opportunity to let her know that stuff is bad.

these pics were taken with my iPhone...i really need my new camera (ahem husband)

zara white top 15, silence+noise pleat detail jeans 19.99

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