mi madre.

here's my mother back in 1979 with my older brother. i'm planning to go to my parents house to scan some of her oldschool pics that has always inspired me as a kid and still does until now.

in college she designed her own clothes and had her landlady downstairs sew them together. her colleagues looked up to her for her fashion sense and was often approached by strangers asking her about her clothes.

my favorite and very inspirational photo she has is one of her wedding. her hair and dress were not very conventional, it reminded me of pricsilla presley. she had the 60's prominent brow-bone eye-shadow look and the wavy but sleek hair. her dress was a kind of a modern juliet from romeo & juliet dress.

anyway, i could go on and on but until next time this is the only pic i can share for now.

see you soon x's, o's & <3

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