i saw these at h&m on friday in the city but there was only one left and there was a bad scratch on the lens. i went the to other h&m there but they didn't have any at all. then i saw a girl wearing these on another blog and they were terribly cute on her so i just felt worse thinking there was just no more hope. SO, long story short, i found them today at the concord h&m! so so sooo excited! these remind me of the chanel 5018 half tints nicole richie and mk have. those are insane. seriously insane, they cost over a 'g'. but i can't wait to wear these with my f21 printed silk tank i featured on my 'forever find.' post...the second one.

this is me in my car right after i got them 8) i'm wearing my dolce vita beverly top which i just ordered in white on thursday! can't wait to get it!

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