...short for Discovery Kingdom :) we got season passes for the family and we went today. we planned to go last week but it rained so the kids have been counting down the days this whole week. they had so much fun. when i was looking for something to wear, looking through my closet i realized all i had were printed silk tanks and blouses. when i think about it, whenever i'm shopping for tops or any type of clothing for that matter, i look at the quality and the longevity of the fabric and if it is a knit i know that 98% of the time it WILL pill after 1 or 2 wears or definitely after a wash and dry. so i skip it. that is the main reason why i don't have any casual knits that i could just wear to 'DisKi'. and we have a season pass so that means i really have to find more good quality knits. ...anyway, one of the only knit tops i own is this erin wasson for rvca top and that's why i wore it...to DisKi. i thought, 'is it smart to wear a $55 top to a theme park?' but i hadn't worn it yet and i've been really excited to wear it so, heck, i wore it.

why aren't there any quality knits out there anymore? :(

anyway, here are a few pics that i took...

i didn't see how my daughters were posing in the last pic until after taking it. those poses look familiar lol! they crack me up!

f21 fab find jeans 12.50, urbanoutfitters sandals 30, blackbird double finger ring 4, casio gold watch, gold leaf bangle, vintage gucci bag

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  1. Awww.. these are your lovely daughters.. CUTIE PATOOTIES! :)

    xx Love & Aloha