inspirations and hearts.

scallops, crochet and orangey reds together with cream blush and black.  i was so obsessed with this color about five years ago and went crazy with it.  i'm regretting not keeping everything.

essie's pale colors.  they look so good against bold colors.  i'm so addicted to sand tropez, i stocked up with 3 bottles!  i also just bought a set of polishes that include brown and blue from h&m that i'm excited to try. 

gwenyth paltrow.  i don't really keep up with celebrity news or their fashion since the credit goes to their stylists anyway but her hair and makeup here inspired me (sorry, this photo doesn't really show details).  i love her outfit too.  watching her interviews and her appearances in glee makes me love her even more.
my hoh triangle necklace.  balances out the feminine crochets, scallops and chiffons.


  1. Those triangle necklaces are very popular of late! love the colors of the nail polish!


  2. where did you get that necklace--it is so cute!

  3. cute photos, love your blog xox