don't be bitter.

f21 blouse, on tank, levi's cut offs, hoh necklace, steven boots

  staying indoors away from the bitter cold today.  the sun is out so the lighting is good enough to shoot from inside.  plus i'm such in the mood for shorts...i refuse to put on any kind of pants.  this lace trimmed blouse was calling to me from my closet.  i don't know why i barely put any use to it last summer, i love all of its details.    

i was invited to a fashion show happening next week featuring paola hernandez, who was featured in marie claire, harper's bazaar and vogue.  i have a few things i've ordered coming in the mail so i have an idea of what i'll be wearing...i'm excited :)


  1. Beautiful as always, loving the Ombre hair..x


  2. You are so pretty!
    I love your hair too :)
    also, your previous outfit!
    you look so comfy!
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  3. that blouse is gorgeous. i wish i had your legs! xo

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  4. just hyped this on lookbook, and now i'm here!! great blog, really; i love that it's named after your mother

  5. you are so pretty and sweet! thanks for the wonderful comments. i'm following you now! can't wait to see your next post (:

  6. Hi!
    Just found your lovely comment right now! You're soo beautiful! Amazing pics!

    ...would really appreciate if you check out my blog and maybe become followers?

    have a nice day,
    jos xx

  7. So beautiful ! Love your blog, you've got amazing style : )


  8. your hair is so beautiful <3 I'm jealous

    la petit poucet