on their way. #2

f21 lace trim top & feather necklace, asos armor ring, winter kate shorts, ebay bag & necklace  

the last time i went to the city for my weekly shopping trip was two weeks ago.  i went crazy at the zara sale and i finally got rid and returned some things i didn't want.  i've been itching to go because that's a long time in between for me but i have actually been doing a little shopping online here at home.  these are some of the things i ordered over the last few days and some are arriving very soon :)

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  1. I went ALL out yesterday to the city for a much-needed and long-awaited shopping spree! You should def go!! You deserve some shopping therapy haha. And went to Zara too, I was soo tempted, the prices are SO good! Except, once again, I ended up spending SO much in H&M lol. I really agree with every piece, bohemian chic ;), the feather necklace is lovely and I LOVE the scallop trim.
    Btw! Jen of Jenny From The Block is here this weekend, if you're not busy, we should plan a blogger meet-up with Chandamheer of Pancakestacker in SF! :) Anyways, hope you're doing good girl! Keep inspiring <3.

    <3, Kathleen.