little bit of fringe.

boutique top, vintage levi's cut-offs, forever21 boots, asos ring, hoh necklace

hope everyone had a special valentine's day.  my husband and i definitely did.  i wish we had taken photos of it all including an outfit shot.  it's just me but i would feel silly trying to stand in the rain without a coat in the middle of a busy street.  we went to union street in the city to do a little shopping for my valentine's gift.  he bought me this top from a boutique.  i had a few to choose from but i really liked the little bit of fringe going on in the front.  it also has some kind of a snake or reptile jacquard print that i really like...i love jacquard.  i had the choice to go anywhere and i chose union st. so i could go to lf stores.  i really wished i found something there to take advantage of the sale.  everything i tried on happened to be by millau and unfortunately they ran big.  i was hoping they still had the maxi dress there still but i just knew it was going to be sold out.  the girls in there are really very helpful that i felt bad i left with nothing.
afterwards, the hubby chose boboquivari to eat and it was deelicious.  crab was goooood...and so was the filet mignon!  i was so bummed because by the time we were done with dinner, kara's cupcake was closed.  other than that, we had a really nice time alone.          


  1. so in love with your blouse and headband!
    this is such an awesome and flawless outfit!
    love it!


  2. great top.. and I really like the effect on these photos.. :)

  3. Really great look.

  4. Wow you have a great blog here. And you're goregeous. Following!

    xx THE CHEAP


  5. You are so lovely, lady!
    That ring is amazing!


  6. Very pretty pictures! Love that necklace too! Come visit my blog when you have a moment and maybe we can follow each other?


  7. You are so ridiculously pretty, I wish I had your hair. I love the top, your ring and your necklace. I really need to hit up LF the next time I am in California, I was so bummed I missed out on that sale and everyone came out with such amazing stuff.

  8. your hair is beautiful. probably the best ombre style i've seen.

  9. Amazing outfit!!!
    You look great!

  10. lovely!