it's a contradiction.

kimono & blouse from uo, asos shorts, f21 boots 

my daughter and i were driving around running errands earlier today and as a fashion blogger, i'm always searching for locations everywhere and anywhere, from scary abandoned farmland to a field of anise plants off the road.  i'm sure you all know what i'm talking about.  since i was in this oxymoron of a thing, sweater knit shorts, i didn't want to catch any onlookers' attention.  we came upon this shrubbery behind a building and tried to get an in-the-middle-of-a-forest kind of feel.  not sure if that was achieved but plants and trees never fail.  so these knit shorts, i was on a long search for the right pair, right meaning right price and right fit.  i finally found these at the asos sale a few weeks ago along with a cool armor hinged ring i intended to wear today with this look but i forgot to pack, both for a really good price.  and then soon after we got home, the mail man came with my new house of harlow necklace that i would have totally worn today instead.  i guess the ring and my hoh will have to make an appearance next time.


  1. This is the third time I've seen a pair of knitted shorts, and I love them. Right I'm going to get some, before it gets too warm to wear it.
    Love the boots as well can't wait to check out the forever 21 store in England, we only have one, sad...x


  2. You look goregous and the way you styled the shorts is perfect. I cant wait to wear mine without tights it is way too cold at the moment. xoxo

  3. Gorgeous shorts and the top is perfect.

    Loving the background effect you have done, i wish I could do the same. x



  4. i am sooo jealous! i love sweater shorts! Nobody rocks shorts the way you do, i swear! and i love the editing you did on these photos. I totally feel you on the location-searching thing too :-) have a great day!

  5. totally in love with your knit shorts.
    i almost bought a knit skirt but thought it would make my thighs look bigger so i sadly left em at the store's rack.
    you have such amazing legs so it works well with you!
    love it!


  6. like ur style !

  7. Those knit shorts are awesome. I know what you mean about finding the right piece. You totally scored on yours :)

  8. Just beautiful! You look amazing!

    The Flower Girl


  9. I love your hair, and those shoes look great with those shorts! I love asos so much! And these pictures are lovely :)

  10. you look bloody amazing! and you have a great figure too. :) xx

  11. Gorgeous outfit, I love how the necklace add a little colour and texture, simply beautiful!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  12. woaaahhh
    you look amazing in these shots!!
    I seriously love the styling going on here mann - and those shorts are dopee!!!
    I'm gunner follow your blog simply because I love your outfits :D

  13. Excellent pair of shorts!!


  14. ooh i love those shorts! these pictures look great too, i do the same thing, i am constantly on the lookout for cool photo locations :P

    Fashion Bag 411

  15. love your outfit. you are gorgeous! xo

  16. Love the shorts loving the whole outfit especially and the background too
    you got a new follower!


  17. beautiful!loove your shorts!!xx