chicks in tow.

since i posted the photos of calise on my last post, chloe has been mad at me for not posting any of her on my blog.  we made plans to go to the park today to take some photos to post.  she even wanted to bring different changes of outfits and accessories for the photos but when we got there she instead became more interested in calling the ducks over, picking flowers and playing on the playground.  i was able to get some nice photos of  the girls and mess around with the lighting and settings on my camera.  i didn't really discover anything new but i just love how the photographs at that park always turn out.  i know i was risking making all my posts look the same by going there again but it was for chloe today.  i however was just so happening to be wearing something i wanted to post ;)    

i got this kimono from topshop about a couple months ago and have been deciding whether to keep it or not.  the feather print was beginning to look a little cheesy to me but when i wore it over this t shirt and put on this necklace, it didn't look so bad.


  1. Such stylish little girls... they really look like mini versions of you. Adorable and heartwarming!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. WOW, these pictures are awesome. This location especially! Awwww Megan you and your girlies are so adorable!!! :)

  3. I love your kimono!!! Keep it!

    Also they are so adorable! definitely stylish:)

  4. very pretty view and nice style!


  5. love it! stunning hairstyle :)