trying the turban.

i've always wanted to try out the turban and since carrie wore one, i feel a little more comfortable doing it now. i think i did it wrong...it's not even a complete turban, it's just a wrap. but i like it.
i seriously can't wait to get a new camera. i've been using my iphone and i'm so limited. i also need more scenery but my husband is not down to play photographer.
anyway, here i'm wearing a thrifted scarf, my f21 legging jeans, my steve maddens that go with just about every outfit and my new top from f21. i kept seeing it at f21 and never cared for it. one day i just decided to just grab it and try it on and i actually reeeally liked it. it's cropped in front and longer in the back...so easy and comfy but so stylish. it goes easily well with any kind of accessories...such as my turban! :)