red paisley.

i love this cover up/blazer. i've only actually worn it one other time but i'm loving it with this longsleeve underneath. i'm selling these shoes in a size 8 if you haven't already seen the previous post. i was deciding whether to keep this pair in my size so i played dress up with it a little. i really like them and i need shoes that are not quite completely dressy but casual as well. these would look so good with pencil skirts, leggings and also tights together with wool shorts.

so how was everyone's day? i hope well :) i just had my dinner that i prepared. we had cream of broccoli soup with cheddar cheese sprinkled on top, baked salmon and rice. it was de lish! i made myself a mocha this morning and i made this caffeine-induced decision that i needed bangs. i'm pretty happy with it. it's not so drastic so it's still versatile. tomorrow is thursday already and i'm excited for the weekend. i love sleeping in in the winter and, i have no plans!

oh! and i just entered a contest on herwaisechoice for lanvin earrings! check them out! :)

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  1. You look gorgeous and your hair is great (but I can hardly see bangs :P)! I think you would absolutely rock a fringe with your awesome bone structure!