undisclosed desires.

f21 chiffon blazer, accessories & felt hat, uo cream blouse, diy f21 necklace, crown vintage clogs, thrifted levi's shorts, target tights

we walked to muse's 'undisclosed desires' for the fashion show at indie session i did for gG goldenGrey ... been loving that song ever since. check out her site if you haven't already, 30% off the whole site with coupon code, GIVE

here is a list of all my obsessions...some are of the moment and some are things i've been loving for a while...

chiffon cardigans
they give an effortless boho chic look to something as simple as a t shirt. i've been into them for a while now. i believe the obsession started back in january and i bought my first one from asos in february. no.1 on my lust list is this winter kate jade cardigan

marc jacobs' lola
it has a warm and pretty scent...i love the packaging too

geometric pendant necklaces
hoh has a lot that i'm dying for

listening to nyc's radio station power 105 on iheart radio
my fave song right now is '6 ft 7 ft'

elnett hairspray
finally tried it after hearing/reading good reviews forever and plus it was on sale ;) i love the fine mist and it holds well...smells good too

the fresh air the rain brings
i love opening my windows and letting the fresh air in...the cleanest air we can possibly get here

and also, thank you to the fashionable mckenzie for including me in this collage on fashion hungry :)


  1. hi megan! thanks for your comment! your hair is looking beautiful as well! i love that chiffon blazer, it looks vintage. also love your vintage clogs and that necklace. whereabouts do you live? you're lucky you can still wear things like that without freezing! i'm quite envious haha


  2. Love your jacket!



  3. Love how you've styled this outfit! Little bit of everything and done wonderfully. Demin, sequence, studs! Topped off with a simple white blouse and black tights!

    And love your shoes!

  4. nice cardi, love the little beads.

  5. omg how cute is your outfit! the blazer is just the best!!

  6. mmmm love muse! btw.. SUPER GREAT BOOTS nd such a chanel-esque fitted jacket :)


  7. Everything looks perfect on you! Love this blazer!