fickle girl.

ecote cardigan ($25!!) & bdg blouse uo, thrifted levi's, crown vintage shoes (looks just like the copen's right?!)

this is me, i would rather avoid the heat in the summer by escaping to the city but i envy those in la because they don't actually ever experience winter winter...maybe it's a case of 'too much of something is a bad thing'? but i guess i can't complain because right now the weather here in the bay area is still bearable. after all, i'm able to wear shorts :) shorts and tights are the best thing that ever happened to me, i swear.

anyway, how is everyone's week going so far? mine has been well. i found a lump or bump on my neck and i rushed to see to dr. yesterday. thank God it was just my lymph node swollen from some infection that came and went so good news for that but i ended up leaving the office with a sore arm. i was due for a tetanus shot :( i don't know what happened to me because i used to be so brave. i went through a piercing stage in late hs and when i got my tattoo, i just sat there like nothing. but i couldn't even bare to look at the needle yesterday. and call me weird, but i kind of like my sore arm, i like massaging it and feeling the soreness... :/


  1. VERY PRETTY!!! :)

    our hair looks amzing!!



  2. I love your outfit and your hair is amazing!

  3. great style
    love it

  4. I can't believe you got that beautiful cardigan for such a great price, wow!

    Love your hair too!