here is a how-to for the waves i usually do.  thorough and fast drying is critical for me.  hair curls best when completely dry and the least amount of time to dry is important to me especially since i have long hair and a ton of it.  i was sent this Hana Air hair dryer from HANA and it has to be the best hair dryer i have and probably will ever use, my hair was completely dry in 5 minutes!  that's crazy.  the website carries other high quality products like the CHI Hair Dryer.   

i like to use tourmaline curling irons, i find they leave my hair smoother, shinier and the curls last so much longer.  i own all of 1 1/4", 1 1/2" and 2" barrels.  each give different looks all with the same technique.

as for my color, many have asked where i get it done and how i did it.  i do all the coloring myself.  there are a few steps but i don't recommend doing them all at once.  first is to bleach the entire bottom half.  i use jerome russell - the most gentle bleach i've ever used.  next, i highlight twice (allow at least a week in between) using a highlight cap. the first time, i start bleaching about an inch above where the first bleaching was done.  the second time an inch below.  last, i tone with a color deposit - or dye that only darkens and does not lighten.  the only one i have ever found at the drugstore is Natural Instincts.  make sure to choose a 'cool' shade, it contains the right amount of blues/greens/purples to cancel out any brassiness.

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