somehow or other.

f21 coat, bracelet & skirt, zara top

i'm showing you my second instagram shot of this skirt.  somehow it just won't make a full appearance.  i attempted to last night after church but the photographer was busy playing the video game, league of legends and supposedly you can't just pause it...hmmm...little brothers... good thing i took this shot in the car right before church i guess.  i was very surprised with this coat as i ordered it online.  i thought it was going to be flimsy and the leather wouldn't look right so i was little apprehensive submitting my payment.  i finally did it and when i recieved it, i was really impressed.  and then a week or two later, it goes on sale...hate that.  but the price i paid is still way better than how much the one at zara costs.

sorry, i've had the most hectic week and i totally forgot to announce that
won the poshlocket giveaway!  congrats, you're going to love your bracelet!!  
please email me with your email address!


  1. The coat looks really nice from what I can see!