want it, get it.

today i went shopping with my mom-that's me in her car, and found some things i had been wanting for a while.  didn't expect to get any of them crosed off my list or to even have found them today but i'm not complaining.  i found a perfectly fuzzy coat at f21 (that i replaced its pearl buttons with gold vintage looking ones) and i finally got a watch of much better quality than my tumblr famous casio.  i was inspired by my brother-in-laws watch that i borrowed the night before for a couple hours. i orignally wanted one bigger than the one i did buy but the bezel was larger than my wrist and didn't look right.  now my list has been narrowed down to a couple blouses from zara, j brand low rise skinny jeans, this toe ring and this super appropriate belly ring; it's a rose and it's sterling silver-so it doesn't irritate my belly button.  my piercing closed so long ago and i miss it.  the only thing holding me back is that i'm not as brave as i used to be but we'll see...and of course i will keep you updated!   


  1. I remember having a belly button ring. Gone are those days of my flat belly. LOL.

    Lovin' the new watch, sweets. Hope you had a great Holiday.

    xx Love & Aloha