sorry, i know it has been a minute since my last post.  been really occupied...life's circumstances and the weather hasn't really got me in the mood.  i did stay inspired and these are some of the things that currently are inspiring me.  ...in no particular order

 1. this tight and bright printed mini (yayer) skirt reminds me of the 90's and i'm really loving it right now
2. either lucy pearl or incubus channels on pandora all day.  they play my all time fave maxwell and red hot chili peppers songs 

3.  my grandmother's, whom i was named rose after, strength and personality

4.  i have 3 little duckies always in tow, keeping me super busy...sometimes they feel like 4 ;) photo via verb1der    

5.  soft colors and long scarves thrown on (via life of a boheme)

6.  anything kate moss and of course her hair

7.  a rare night out...always fun with my girl, mel

8.  ashley's sweater

9.  finally getting things checked off my most wanted list...just got 2 out of  84,783 that i can't wait to share :)

10.  this super cute romper, yes romper


  1. Nice pics ;D

    MUST HAVE: Rouge COCO "Royallieu"

  2. dandy tribal print!