oh so cozy.

this sweater is so cozy, i could lounge in it all day.  and it's perfect because that's all i have planned for today.  my daughter is on her last week of winter break and my hubby took a few more days off from work.  it feels really nice to have no plans or anywhere to go.  we threw a party for my daughter's 5th birthday and nye combined and we pretty much cleaned all day the next day.  yesterday we just went to church in the morning and then stayed in the rest of the day.  i was itching for a little retail but i received my urban outfitter package earlier and i did just order those aldo booties last night.  

one thing i was going to do this year was play around more with the clothes i already have.  so today i finally wore this thrifted skirt i got a year ago.  i got these booties from f21 at their grand opening in fairfield a few weeks ago and this sweater i got  last week from some random website i found...i think it was yesstyle.com.  not exactly old items but they were not pricey at all.