didn't know you were selling me tickets to a show, i want my money back.

j brand jeans, uo winter coat, on tank top, f21 belt, ebay clog boots

i put on a couple of my favorite pieces, glad they don't look silly together.  at least i don't think so.  i have this american apparel t-shirt that reads 'fashion fades, style remains' famously quoted by ysl.  i don't even remember how i got it, i think my sister gave it to me.  but anyway, i will admit i enjoy trends every now and then and i don't think there is anything wrong with that.  falling victim to some though is a different story.  i can't appreciate when 'being inspired' gets taken to a different level.  i believe that each individual has their own style and that they should incorporate fashion accordingly.  don't lose your style in fashion.    


  1. i love that tank you're wearing, its rally slouchy in a perfect way & how its half tucked in is great.
    really digging that coat though & your nail colour.x


  2. I definitely agree with you. People should try and develop their own styles according to their personalities. You look really lovely. I love how you wear the high waisted jeans and the sweater looks great also. :)


  3. great photos, i love the first one. do u use picasa? those jeans were a steal, an they compliment your long legs.. the jacket looks fab on u as well! =)

  4. hi babe!!!
    OMG OMG! You look SOSOSO beautiful! I swear, this whole look is gorgeous! The wide leg jeans fit you perfect and make you look sooo tall! Your hair looks amazing too! Aw youre so pretty!

    Happy new year babe!


  5. Looking pretty! These pants look so good on you! I just love the coat! M.

  6. Girl you are SO pretty! I love the wide-leg pants :)

    xx Bonnie


  7. such a cute look, would love to follow each other!



  8. I love it! The 70ies flair is amazingly captured by your combination... I would like to post them on our blog www.sasani.ch, and of course will credit them. Ok for you? Lg, Larissa

  9. a simple look but so pretty! I love it

  10. ahh! girl this is one of my fave looks from you! I have been following you for a while, and this one has made my jaw drop more than the others! ;) love the flared jeans with the flared-ish coat and the simple tank! I am soo in love with this look! I am also loving your more recent posts with the stunning photography and back drops!
    I myslef have been wanting to shoot in better locations other than my front door! but sometimes it just gets sooo complicated!