best dressed.

can you believe it's almost february??  when i think of february, the first thing that comes to mind is valentine's day :D  every valentines day my hubby treats me to a little shopping and then dinner at a restaurant of my choice.  last year he bought me something i really wanted online, i think some jc's and then i chose for dinner, sushi with the kids and then cupcakes afterwards.  this year, i'm hoping to have a babysitter so we could kind of 'go out' a little more.  i've been looking around for dresses for valentine's day and also for some weddings we'll be attending this year.  four to be exact.  yumi kim, like i always rave is a brand with pieces i always feel were made just for me.  here are some i found and styled.  some are on sale and there's an additional 20% off with the code 'yksale20'. 

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  1. i love the olive shoes in the first mix...do you remember where they were from?