deceiving sun.

love21 blouse, zara shorts, aldo booties, f21 accessories

it was so pretty with the sun out today.  i got all in the mood to wear my new cream kind of ruffly or flowy blouse with shorts.  (i seem to make up a lot of words while blogging; like 'flowy' and 'accessorized'.  spell check obviously doesn't know fashion. heehee)  but anyway, because it doesn't yet feel as warm as it looked out, i had to mix in some tights and i put on my new aldo booties.  i read a lot of reviews saying they were comfortable but i guess i have sensitive feet.  if only they were just one inch shorter, they would be my absolute favorite.  why is it so hard to find the perfect wooden wedge bootie???!  but one accessory i cannot wear are earrings, i don't know why.  i'll buy a ton but they never make it out the door on me.  i had to put some of my earrings to use so i hooked these pretty feather earrings onto my necklace.  i thought it worked really well with this blouse.  i'm loving this cream/peach/black color combo at the moment.


  1. Gorgeous look! The accesories are lovely as well as your blouse:)

  2. haha i agree that the spell check doesn't know fashion because i do feel the same way with you whenever i type flowy and there's always red line below it.
    anyway, that's actually a very nice blouse!


  3. gorgeous photos, and that top and necklace are gorgeous...very creative idea to put your earrings on the necklace, i should try it sometime! :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  4. the lighting of these pictures is beautiful. i really like your shirt & the way the necklace drapes around it all.x


  5. Beautiful. I love this outfit so much !!

  6. Your soo beautiful and I love your hair...Following...x