my inner beja.

zara coat, t-shirt & bag, old uo jeans, sam edelman petty's, venita boutique bracelet, deathxchocolate planner/calendar

after going back and fourth about deciding whether to cut my hair or not, i finally made the decision last week to just go and do it...it's not really drastic anyway.  i went to mikey at diPietro Todd salon in walnut creek.  i forgot about my 'hair' board on pinterest and only took a look at it yesterday.  all the freja hair pics i had pinned looked just like my haircut!  i love what he did, he was really good at figuring out what technique would work best for me.  ...so if you're in the bay area, i highly suggest him!!  
since my haircut, i've been subconsciously putting freja (inspired) looks together like tee's, low rise jeans and lot's of black and grey and the chanel touch, like a tweed blazer/coat.  not too far from what i usually wear but i guess i just feel a little more edgy with my shorter hair : P  
anyway, since my schedule has been crazy lately with the holidays and the girls' school functions going on (...AND i'm so forgetful!) i have found it so easy remembering everything with this cute planner/calendar from death by chocolate that i carry around with me in my bag.  i remember all the items i want to bid on, things i have to ship out, dr's appointments and appointments with the girls' teachers.  i love its cute chevron print too. 


  1. What a great outfit, as I'm turning older, I'm trying to find my niche since I don't want to dress too colourful (afraid of appearing too teen'ish)yet still want to dress in bold colours.

    You are a great inspiration plus that hair length is pretty on you!

    http://i209.photobucket.com/albums/bb22/GRMJ/drose14/creamtweed4_zpsd6767b1d.jpg << this is my fav picture!

    X Crystal
    crystal dots.

  2. amazing outfit dear,you are absolutely stylish and really beautiful!Your hair is gorgeous!Im totally in LOVE!!Would you like to follow each other dear?Just let me know <3 kisses

  3. That's a great everyday bag.


  4. Love your simple but chic look!

  5. perfect perfect outfit.


  6. great style!!

  7. Great look, so classy. i like your jeans