zara top, diy shorts want these siwy's and these are perfectly distressed, sabotage ring c/o vanessa mooney, sam edelman shoes, vintage gucci bag

for the first time doing a diy that required bleach, i'm pretty proud of the results of these ombre shorts.  and since i will probably be living in cutoffs this summer, variation is necessary.  anyway, it's been the craziest two weeks with the kids being on their last week this week.  had a billion activities for them including field trips, open house night, award presentations, memory book presentation, family picnics, and on top of that my husband started a rigorous program of 2 years in 1 this week.  adjusting to that is taking a ton of patience and sacrifice for the both us but i'm glad it's only one year.  for now, please wish me luck!  lol  


  1. I am loving your shoes and ombred shorts!


  2. You self-made dyed shorts look so chic! Wishing you more relaxing days in the future.


  3. You look so gorgeous! I love the dyed shorts so much <3
    Love the blouse too. Very chic!

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  4. Megan, I love this look, especially the shorts! I just did a bleach dipped diy, too, but on a vest. There are so many things I want to bleach! LOL. haha. And yeah, I cut my hair. About 3 weeks ago. I'm still getting used to it. haha. It's weird, I was just telling my hubby that it takes longs to dry and to curl now that it's shorter.

    Hope you have an awesome Friday, girl!

    xx Love & Aloha

  5. Oh, you're gonna be just fine! If you can get up in the morning, get all of that stuff done AND look like that, you are well on your way to success! Keep on truckin' girl!
    <3, L.

  6. so pretty! those shorts are pretty awesome

  7. Amazing job on your first DIY ombre shorts! Love how this outfit is so summer chic & simple.
    P.S. Your hair color is gorgeous!



  8. Love your shoes and shirt! xxx


  9. Hi Megan,

    You have amazing style! I just stumbled upon your blog about ten minutes ago and I am hooked! I cannot believe that you are a mom! :)

    I have just recently gotten into DIY (bleached, tie-dyed, studded) shorts. Can't believe how much money I am saving through DIY...Yours turned out great!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    <3 Annie

    Lab Coat Ambition

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