i had so much fun at xxi on saturday.  i want to thank them, especially allie again for such a fun experience and for inviting me. it was pretty cool walking up to the front of the long line and being let in before everyone else.  there was a local radio station inside with dj's on 2 of the 3 floors.  music blasting. the videographer was following me waiting for my indecisive self to finally tag something.  i finally did and i was filmed tagging it and then later interviewed at the 3rd floor.  i'm so afraid to see it. 

here are the photos my brother was able to take.   i was given 5 signs to post on my 'crushes' throughout the store and it was really hard narrowing them down.  most of the things i wanted to tag were on mannequins or on display so it was hard to pin point them with my signs.  i love my clutches, especially colored ones for this spring/summer so i tagged - and purchased the scalloped one i was wearing in the previous post.   i also tagged a pretty magenta and burgandy printed blouse that i would wear with black shorts, a chunky geometric gold ring and round metal frame sunnies.  i also loved the navy polkadot skirt on the mannequin.  there was a tweed(ish) cream motorcycle jacket i really wanted to tag but there were only 2 left. 



  1. So happy you got a spot in Forever21 Ateh!!! You are making it big in the fashion world :)

  2. Ah, I missed you while I was there!! I had NO idea you were in the Bay Area!!! This means one day we must have a blogger meet up! Loved your picks around the store :)


  3. Awesome, can't wait to see the interview :)

  4. Hey !
    Congrats on your Forever 21 spot !
    Love your outfit.