when your t-shirt and your boots meet.

zara tee (similar here & here)  & shorts, celine audrey sunglasses & chinese laundry riley boots

hello :)  it has been a while but because my hubby and i had nothing else to do today while the kids were in school besides go out and have lunch together (laundry is all done, house is clean, hubby's day off...) i thought i'd take my camera and my new boots out.  if you're like me, with no kind of calves and you have the hardest time finding boots that fit, you might be interested in these :)  i have linked them below the pictures but i linked more similar pairs if you want a better deal or if you want to splurge.  
i bought 2 other pairs before this that just looked ridiculous on me.  and if you have the opposite problem, these would still be great because of the extra stretch on the back half.  


  1. Flat boots are right, shit heles i don't like at all looks like "Pretty whoman".
    Best wishes from Barcelona (Spain).

  2. Nice:) xx
    Giveaway on my blog-> http://ruhamania.blogspot.hu/2014/10/giveaway-echo-paul.html

  3. Absolutely adore this look! <3 I featured this look on my blog so do come over and visit if you wish http://abigailrhyme.blogspot.com/2014/10/inspiration-2014-october.html :)

    (just discovered your blog recently and I'm wondering why didn't I discover it earlier, it's amazing!)

  4. Great outfit!! Love your shoes :)

  5. Casual chic style, I really like it

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  6. hi. i have the same problem, if by having no calves means your over the knee boots fall down to your ankles. are these stiff enough to stay up on a skinny leg