still shopping.

zara camel coat, zara knit, zara knit & forever 21 jacket

happy new year, everyone!  yes, my first post of the year but so far I've been at home helping my kids complete a couple of projects and sorting through my house reorganizing and getting rid of things we no longer need.  Something I do every year so we don't accumulate too much.  In between projects I've been  browsing all the sales going on.  Going through Zara's sales is dangerous.  I've found so much for myself and the kids that I really need to stop but  I think it is safe to say I am done.  I scored this camel coat that sold out back in September, this Céline copy-cat knit in gray which  I already have in black and this angora crop sweater which I was swooning for in cream when it first came out but black is great too. I hadn't gone to forever21 in a while before I visited the store earlier this week when I  found this Isabel Marant copy-cat jacket.  All they had was black so I ordered the cream from the website.  Curious to see how it will look in person.  

Anyway, wishing you all more blessings this year!! Xo


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