pic fix.

i use instagram as kind of a fix when i can't blog. it's also a fun way to share little things daily that don't require a whole post.  i put together this little collage of things i've been up to the past couple weeks or so including my new dark hair.  after a month deciding if i really wanted to keep my ombre or not, i did it and i really love it.  
after almost two years with it, i just felt i needed something different.

   zigzag stripe top       one of hubby's vday gifts, spike link bracelet             perfect navy blue shorts at zara
                                              and what i wore vday        

another new bracelet                      my new dark hair                        scored this in blue for $15 also at zara


  1. Love the spike bracelet. What brand is it/where could I purchase?

  2. i just love your style, you always look so peacefull and confortable...

  3. Love your new do. Is it shorter too?
    What top are you wearing with the blue shorts. I love how it looks all sparkly (I love sparkly things.. hehe)

    I've just heard about Maya Brenner recently. She designed a couple of pieces for the jewelry collection I sell.

    xo Annie

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  5. brunette is so much better anyway! <3

  6. Super lovely blog!