me & donatila.

thrifted sweater and clutch, lyell fletcher shorts, steven booties

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my mom is awesome.  i asked her if she could come over to watch my son while i went to a meeting.  she did and when i got home, my kitchen was clean!  she cleaned out my fridge too!  sooo thankful for her!  afterward we went thrifting together and she bought me a few things.  i found this sweater for $.50, i got a mesh/perforated long sleeve shirt by daryl k for $.75 and this clutch for $1.50...3 things for $2.75, love it.  it will be my birthday in a couple days and every year she loves to gift me with jewelry.  the diamond pendant i always wear is from her along with a rose pendant and because it's my birthstone, a bunch of sapphires.  she asked me what i wanted this year and i showed her the sapphire earrings and the sapphire rings on this uk based website.  the sapphire stud earrings would be nice and i really want the band with the  strip of sapphires, 2nd one 3rd row down.  it's lovely.     


  1. cute outfit!!! do i like the madden booties more than the asos ones you got?

  2. Beautiful top! I love the print!

  3. Happy birthday to you! Your mom sounds so helpful! Love the top and boots! Are thee boots comfortable, and are they the Pembrook style, by any chance? I'm thinking about buying...

  4. whoops... i meant do YOU like the madded booties more?

  5. love your shoes :D
    I'll definitely will following you if you follow me :D
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  6. i love your hairstyle and your shoes :)

  7. God you are STUNNING! Are you a professional model?

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    Laura x

  8. I love how you're a Style Icon at Chictopia. We brown girls need to take over the world.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  9. love the sweater <3


  10. that's such a cute sweater :)
    and the banded ring is so cute!
    i would love one with my birthstone too!

    stop by sometime, xoxo Natalie

  11. I love the booties and you're so pretty! Love your hair!

  12. Heyyyy lady! Long time! Still looking gorgeous as ever. I still don't believe you are a mom, you're a 18 year old super model with them genes.

    That sweater is SUCH an awesome find. First dibs on buying it from you if you ever decide to sell it ;)