so i barely made it through two weeks without buying anything. thursday was the 14th day so friday was a new fiscal week if that makes sense. that means i did go shopping yesterday. but it was thrift shopping so it was totally okay. i walked out with a vintage vera scarf for 1.50, vintage levi's for 3.00 & vintage lee's for 2.50. i want more of these shorts in different shades and washes. these look just like vintage mens jeans but hemmed into shorts. i cut the jeans but now i have to hem them. i'm excited to put outfits together with them!
and i also did buy one other thing i'm sooo so excited about. i will be revealing them tuesday! ...when they come :( boo to no instant gratification from online shopping


prints charming.

this is another yumi kim blouse i’ve had for a while now. it’s another piece in my closet i want to keep and possibly hand down to my girls. the print and style are so subtle and pretty. the shorts are from zara. the shape of these shorts kind of just blurr into a blob because it’s black but i promise you in person it’s really cute.


i was starting to regret not getting these shoes in black or grey instead. i thought the style of the shoes worked better in black because they’re more edgy as opposed to a more natural brown wooden heeled platform. i felt brown edgy shoes were limiting. but i was running late last thursday for church and just threw anyhting on. i ended up with a grey cropped boxy top, a black high waisted skirt, black tights, a jean jacket and these shoes. as i was walking into the chapel, i was giving myself a kind of late outfit check and i started to see the shoes in a new light. lol. i really like them with black!

and to make this story even longer, these are my new favorite cut-offs. these used to be a pair a skinny jeans. i got them on ebay 2 years ago from the mother of one of the siwy models. i can’t remember her name, i think it was taylor but she was given a bunch of jeans. i got a few jeans from her. i was pregnant then and i grabbed some to wear while pregnant and a couple to wear afterwards. i got them really cheap! anyway, i lost more weight than anticipated so these ended up too big for me. i cut them last week and to my disappointment. they fit so weird at the thigh-crotch area. the leg openings were too tight they made me look bow-legged. i couldn’t let these go to waste so yesterday i got a little crafty and cut a bow-tie shaped piece of fabric from the leg i cut off. i took the crotch apart and sewed the bow-tie shaped piece to the crotch. it’s not visible and my legs look normal. … i love them!

so that's all for now :)
enjoy the weekend!

siwy diy shorts, urban outfitters tunic top & jc mary roks


that's what the good man says.

this whole shopping halt is starting to drive me nuts. why am i doing this? because i have to know when to stop and know when enough is enough. does it really matter? yes it does. you know the saying, a simple life is a happy life. meaning, you're content. but when i actually did stop and got the chance take in everything i already have, i kind of got to catch up with my purchases. i bought so much and didn't even wear most of them yet. it's not like i went and featured everything i had in my closet these past two weeks but i got to mix and match all my old stuff with my new stuff. like this outfit. i got this blouse over 2 years ago and wore it only twice. these shorts (currently my absolute favorite) i just bought 2 weeks ago on my quick shopping trip to the city. i wore this blouse with skinny jeans when i was pregnant with my 22 month old son. then another time tucked in to a pencil skirt. wearing it today tucked in to these high waisted light wash jean shorts gave the top a whole new look. it's like getting a new top.


it takes some muscle to fall in love.

…my favorite song on m.i.a.‘s new album at the moment. i really do love her album. i’ve been listening to it all day everyday for 4 days straight now…in the shower, on my iphone, in the car…just all the time. anyway, this is an old top from urban outfitters. i’ve had this for three years now. this is one of the pieces that i just can’t ever let go of and yet always seem to pass up when choosing what to wear. i got this when i was so in love with geren ford. this top is a knock off of one her more popular styles that cost 6 times as much.

hope everyone is having a nice week so far!


don't forget.

i was really good last week. i didn't buy anything. i was tempted but overcame it and i'm very proud of myself. instead of going online to browse all my favorite shopping sites, i went into my closet and rediscovered my wardrobe. hence all the posts recently. this was all due to that but i really enjoyed it. i found new and different ways to wear everything. i cut a couple jeans into shorts, discovered some new (favorite) silhouettes and made a big mess of my closet. to also keep my mind off shopping but still on fashion, i've gotten really into another hobbie of mine. oh yeah and my hair! i think my hair makes a big difference in how my outfits come together. i kind of love that i've never really seen anyone else with this style/color (in person). where i live, not much people get it, but i'm totally okay with that. i really don't mind being the only one around with this. i'm kind of a snob when it comes to that but hey, it would'nt be fun if we were all the same.

anyway, how awesome is my sister?!? she found this anthropologie crocheted bed jacket thrifting this weekend and gave it to me. i forgot about this necklace i bought a couple months ago. it goes so well with the bed jacket.

necklace & shorts are f21, cream blouse from uo, shoes are jc

totally loving m.i.a.'s new album!! i love this one...makes me kind of wonder how motherhood has changed her...

caps lock

What's around me?

Liquid washed down my throat like soap, yeah
I don't wanna think about the shit that's warped
But I don't wanna be deep on this beat
But I can't fucking let go of whats around me

Cap locks are still on when I log off to sleep
My baby stays awake for every dream i try to keep
No matter what they say, I'll carry on thinking this way
I oversee my life and whats happened to me

Liquid washed down my throat like soap, yeah
I don't wanna think about the shit that's warped
But I don't wanna be deep on this beat
And I can't fucking let go of whats around me

Yeah, my left side is my right side
If its vice versa i'm still the same side

Stay until it gets better
I never trust a letter
When it don't write, don't matter
I just got a knew one

I don't wanna get lost on your screen
except when its hit by big sunbeam
I want you to know my thought stream
That's why I'm always trying to stay in my dream



if i were cinderella, jeffrey campbell would be my fairy godmother.

today i felt like wearing yellow. i think yellow is such a powerful and expressive color. if my aura had a color today, it would definitely be yellow :)
these are just some pieces i've already featured here. the top i think 3 times now. i do love this top, the print and cut are perfect.
top & shorts are f21, belt is h&m, shoes are jeffrey campbell, sweater is from anthropologie



this green top and this mauve/nude cardigan actually looks well together….it’s so unexpected.

the hubby and i are supposed to go watch inception today…we’ll see how the plans follow through. we’ll probably end up watching despicable me ‘cause it’ll be too hard to leave the kids. i always feel guilty having fun without them.

happy friday and have a great weekend everyone!

x's & o's

h&m cardigan, f21 blouse, urban outfitters necklace, h&m diy shorts, cynthia vincent platform wedges, vintage gucci


let's take a dip.

...into fall. i have fall on my mind especially because the weather's been weird lately. there are definitely some peices and things i'm lusting over for fall and it's getting dangerous. i've been good though not going online-window shopping. we still have our heat waves yet to come anyway so i'll just stick to fall colored summer things for now...ehh...


don't wanna.

i can't take these leg extensions, or platforms off ;) wearing them with shorts, especially high waisted shorts does wonders...i wish i really did have legs that long. anyway, i want this top in every color. it moves beautifully and looks great with both pants and shorts. statement necklaces with this top look so well together too.
so, i made it to the middle of the week...it's been a stressful week starting sunday morning due to an immature neighbor. but other than that everything has been well...can't wait 'til friday!!


and if you even dare.

on my way to the post office this morning i heard 'bingo' by m.i.a. on pandora and then it all came back to me...she was the first person (to me at least) to pull off the ombre hair so chicly. i loved her over grown roots and shoulder length hair. then, the spring/summer of 2007 i would have never dared to do that. 'space' went on pandora too...i was so juiced! LOVE that song!!


yo tengo ombre.

after seeing more and more bloggers with the ombre hair, i decided i'd no longer think about it but be about it. rumi had me wanting to do it but kristine inspired me to actually do it. she did hers at home and i thought it was really cute. sjp's is perfect but i'd have to go to a salon to acheive that. i remembered back in nov/dec i read about how nicole richie's stylist did hers. i found that article last night and then went straight to cvs for the bleach after church this morning. i'm pretty happy with it. there's one more step i left out to spare my poor hair that i'll complete in a couple days...but for now, voilĂ ...


pick a color.

any color...

choose a color and be it. choose to see what you want to see...even if it doesn't physically exsist and choose what you do not want to see, even if it does physically exsist.
"happiness is a choice" -melanie


hold it down.

it’s finally friday!! been seriously busy this week. rewarded myself with a little shopping trip to the city yesterday. i left my house at 2 to oakland to sell some clothes. i told myself if i made enough, i would take bart to the city. i made more than i expected and the guy that bought was pretty fast so i hopped on bart and did the fastest shopping ever...a really good one too because i found these really cute tops on sale. they were in black and cream and i could not decide on which color so of course, with my bad habit of buying things i love in every color, i bought both. they were the last two and both in my size and on sale...for a really really good price. i found the shorts i went specifically for, in my size and everything. it was very efficient and successful. i was trying to make it back home to get ready for church at 7:30 and i made it all in time. felt really good about yesterday so now i’m ready to enjoy the weekend…

here is an outfit from last week. i ordered this top a while ago and when i received it i didn't really like it. it has three layers of ruffles and the third layer was a little too much for me. i had been looking for these shorts forever and my sister found these on sale for $7 - last one, my size!! ...i think i mentioned that in an earlier post...but i tucked the third layer into these high waists to hold down the excess and the top looked a lot better.