summer love.

i love these shorts! i wish i had gotten another pair for back up. i want to wear these everyday...same with these shoes too! ;)

what's up with my hair?! didn't realize it poufed up so much...probably from taking my nap! :P

love21 tank, f21 shorts, cynthia vincent for target, h&m sunnies



so. i know this cynthia vincent for target line has been driving everyone crazy. i gave up on the buckled wedge but these printed wedges, i couldn't get off my mind after trying on almost 2 months ago when they first came out. i do not know why i didn't just get them. i was probably with my husband whom i was trying to convince i didn't have a shopping problem. he noticed my shoe boxes were piling high and his hangers were missing. and he says there is no way i really need everything i have. so anyway, i recently thought about these shoes again and swore that the ones i tried on were gone. i couldn't accept it though. i needed to see that they were gone. i needed closure.

so yesterday on my way home from a birthday party, i was passing by target and made a spontaneous right turn into the parking lot. i went in straight to the yellow boxes at the end the aisles. i gave up hope after seeing all of the flats. and then i notice a bigger box below but i couldn't really see what was inside. i pull it out and there it was, waiting for me for two months, the printed wedges...

twelfth st. by cynthia vincent top ssense.com, black f21 jeggings, cynthia vincent for target wedges


oh mr. madden, you impress me.

here is my outfit of the day...i didn't actually wear this today but i just got these shorts in the mail and was trying them on. on sale at f21 for $10!

i got an email yesterday for a steve madden coupon code, FF25. it is 25% off + free shipping on purchases of $59+. i browsed around not expecting to find anything but guess what? i did. a friend of mine asked me to find some cute purses for her. i found a really cute alexander wang - esque purse and she ended up buying it! this is what i've been drooling over and couldn't get them off my mind...so, i got them...total impulse buy.


champagne tonight.

here is the look that i was talking about. i know i made a big deal about it and it's not anything ground breaking, but i just love the look of a silk blouse with glam details like sparkles or sheen paired with a cute pair of the most casual shorts. honestly, i'd rather pair it with that than a nice pair of jeans...that's too predictable. the bold chain necklace and pendant puts the look together, suggesting an evening look. and the wooden clog dates this look for the summer.


mother duties.

here is a picture of my mother back in '75 or '76. i kept this picture of her for myself and i have it framed in my house. i love this picture. notice her clogs! i love how she's posed too.

i didn't take any outfit pics of myself today. i didn't go anywhere or do anything. my husband took the girls out so i just stayed at home with the little boy, carlos and cleaned. cleaning is therapeutic also, i know i don't have to shop to feel better. although, i did have to play dress up a little to feel completely good. i admit i am a shopaholic. i can't go a week without buying something. it was worse before i had 3 kids of my own, i have to be a little more realistic now. and anyway, i think all women are like that. at least women into fashion. so this week i bought those shorts from my previous post, some rings and a top. nothing really major since i'm still recovering from the purchase of my louis.
so, while playing dress up tonight, i discovered a new look that i really love. i found what looks really cute with my cuffed jean shorts. i've worn something like it before but i never played around with the look more. i'll do an outfit post of that look for sure.

anyway, until then everyone enjoy your weekend.

x's, o's & <3!!!


my summer.

this is what my summer is going to consist of. i always loved everything about this picture of nicole, the hair and the outfit. i believe this was back in 2007 when high-waists made a big comeback. i remember wearing mine around the city even, where anything goes and still getting stared at. i thought i was going to have to replace all my skinnies for high-waists like how i replaced all my flares for skinnies in 2005/2006. anyway, i just ordered these shorts that look very similar to nicole's sass & bides and i have a few things in my closet waiting for its arrival. of course there are tank tops i will tuck into the shorts but i love the silhouette of a shorter babydoll with these shorts. like the printed tank above or the bed jacket to be worn over a tucked in tank. sooo so cute! i cannot forget my round frame sunnies and wooden heeled clogs!
what are some of your summer looks this year? i want to know! :)


so faux real.

the weather has been bi-polar so...you have to kind of dress "bi-polar". and it's kind of hard when you've been waiting to wear all your sandals. you take them out and wear them for a few days then it rains, you can't just put them away and put boots on. well today it wasn't raining but it was a little cold...it looked like it was going to rain. so rain, i'm for real, if you're going to come, come. so you can just let it all out and then leave our summer alone.

mossimo faux fur jacket, t by alexander wang pocket tee, j brand 910's, jewelry uo & f21
this whole outfit minus the shoes and accessories cost $42 all together!! love that!


hippie sleek.

things i want... ;)


love story.

as i walked into the store, my eyes glimmer in the plethora of fabulous finds brought here to be found by me. a beautiful coincidence, one of my favorite songs at the moment, vampire weekend’s giving up the gun was playing. i felt so inspired that i might find something, i don’t know what, but it was waiting for me to find it. i walk aimlessly not knowing where to actually begin. i head toward the jeans and in my path stood this t-rack. i give it a look and my eyes slowly adjusted to focus on what would cause me to then fall in love….the perfect bell bottom jeans i had been searching for my whole life. okay not my whole life but the last month or two or so…anyway, i look at the label, they’re J Brand. i love j brand…these are it! the Love Story J Brand jeans i’ve seen kate moss galavanting around the city in. Okay, i hold back my excitement as it may not be my size. i look at the size tag in hope…it’s my size! the sun rays began beaming down on me as i held the jeans to my chest.

and that is the story of how i found my Love Story J Brand Jeans…you liked it? LOL you know you understand how i felt though…you know that it really is that dramatic…LOL

anyway, i had some really great finds this week...really really great! found my bell bottoms that fit so well, found a t by alexander wang top, a rvca sample top from the fall 2010 line and another pair of j brand 910's in MY size...all for a really really good price. and then what were going to be my everyday summer shoes came on monday. the sun rays were beaming down when i opened the box too. i'm so very content.



okay, i know...two posts in one day, but i just got these in the mail and i love love love them! waited over a week for them. these are such beauties. i found the last pair online and they only had size 8, i'm usually a 7 but i thought i would just try. and to my pleasant surprise, they fit like a dream. well not really a surprise because jc's always run smaller and these only came in whole sizes so i kind of knew...

they're very comfy too! they're a little high but i don't feel it on the arch of my feet, which makes everything okay.

military parka f21, nude top h&m, jean leggings f21, jc's jildor.com

pride and joy.

we spent mother's day at my moms. we got her an exercise bike that should help her with her injured knee. we had a lot of good food. i didn't get to take a pic with my mom and i wish i did but i just never have the time when i'm tending to my kids. mother's day should be a day off...especially for me since i'm with my kids twenty. four. seven. lol i'm a stay at home mom so i'm the one they come to when they need something. i'm always at their service. and then of course they go to their dad when it's time for fun. i barely ever get time to relax so that's why my friday or saturday trips to the city is necessary. i went on saturday and i got a few things...one, which was my mother's day gift from my husband. my lv speedy...i saved up a lot of money for it and then my husband helped fund the rest. so so excited about it! on friday the kids went to bed early giving my husband and i time to relax. we were talking about the children and at a pause i just thought about all of them and this huge smile grew on my face. i had time to appreciate them and each of their own amazing personalities. it's unbelieveable, the people they are. see, i was supposed to write about my mom but i ended up writing about my kids...it is really always about them! lol ...my pride and joy!

it was really cold and windy while taking these pics...reason for my messy hair!
f21 top, joe's jeans jeggings, jc shoes, lv bag
kids clothes zara, h&m & gap


bit on the butt.

worship me. or maybe not...

my husband said i have just been bit on the butt. don't want to elaborate but anyway, this was yesterday...very simple, very plain, very safe. after all, i only went out to pick up my daughter at her school and went grocery shopping ;) i did have uo brown flat sandals on instead and i ditched the sweater and some of the jewelry...

anyway, why don't i own a lot of YELLOW clothing??!! i recently bought this yellow silk top and i was just trying in on and god it's my color! i'm tan with black/dk brown hair and it's just the most flattering color on me! all a matter of opinion, but it's mine. so it's all that does matter. i'm going shopping tomorrow and i'm def going to expand my collection of 2 yellow tops to more! i'll be wearing my yellow top on mothers day so stay tuned...i will be posting that!

laureate lane anthropologie sweater, mint speckled top f21, joe's jeans leggings, jc acorns, accessories f21, vintage dior boston vintage shop in sf



i HATE it when i order something and they don't ship it out right away, they wait two or three days...urgh! anyway, i was hoping to wear these on mother's day...i would have had them by friday but they waited til monday to ship them :(


inspired. francoise hardy.

i was listening to her on pandora and saw her album cover. i found these pictures that inspired me to put this look together. i love her 60's chic style and she is just gorrrrrgeoussss. my fave song of hers is 'comment te dire adieu'.

corpus top, joe's jeans denim leggings, report moccasins, sunglasses from lulu's fashion lounge